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Newest Collector Innovation - the Improved Dual Merge 4-2-1
Improved Dual Merge Collector for FV
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Roxanne's collectors are designed and built with focus on performance, durability, weight and appearance. We use the best 304 stainless steel materials and proprietary tooling to fabricate lightweight components that are TIG welded for strength and appearance. We continually seek ways to improve the performance of our collectors and frequently test new ideas using national engines from different builders.

"The "Dual Merge" collector is the latest Roxanne's collector and is the result substantial research, development and testing. Its performance characteristics are similar to our previous best collector but 8 tenths more peak horsepower as tested on a chassis dyno. It is offered in a qualifying and a race configuration for best possible track results. We believe this collector to perform better than any collector on the market today. It is an improved version of the collector used by both Jeff Loughead and Stevan Davis in the 2004 SCCA Runoffs. (1st and 3rd place). "Big Bend" is a version of the Dual Merge built especially for use on the Womer EV 3 and recommended (along with our stepped primaries) by Mr. Womer for use by all Womer EV-3 drivers. It was sufficiently better than the previous Womer system in independent dyno tests that Mr. Womer replaced his previous perfectly serviceable system.

Roxanne's continues to offer 4 into 1 and older 4 into 2 into 1-collector designs upon request and to replace damaged units. Our collectors and primaries are designed to allow your FV engine to develop best power for a variety of racetracks but we can "adjust" the design to better suit specific situations upon request.

Our collectors are the best available because we have invested in development and testing and because we are willing to experiment and gain knowledge through trial and error testing.

All collectors are available in Stainless steel or Mild Steel.

Stainless are immediately available. Mild steel are available upon request.

'Big Bend' DM    

30 degree bend on Dual Merge collector
30 degree, Dual Merge

Adams Aero Flat


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