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Updated Feb 16, 2015

Roxanne's now offers exhaust components for the do it yourself enthusiast!

Also - new design for Vintage FF cars

'Tighter' Formula V exhaust primaries - Model # SSFMVSame winning performance but better clearance from body, spring, starter and oil cooler. Fits Caracal, Crusader, Mysterian, Protoform 2,3,4 and Vortech . See photos.

   New Zink Geezer Exhaust System
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We recently developed a new equal length stepped primary and new flat collector for the Zink C-4. First performance reports are very promising. Please see testimonial! We have named the system: the "Zink Geezer" for the race team for which it was initially built.


New Stainless Polishing available.
  Make your system SHINE!!  Contact US for details.

Stepped primary system gains 2/3 hp for FV

Dual Merge and Big Bend collectors - New Flat Dual Merge!

New primary system for Womer EV-3

Roxanne's is now delivering a new configuration primary system for Citation and for Womer EV-3. The EV-3 system should work well for other cars with remote oil coolers as well. Both systems feature 2 step primaries (tested more than 1 HP better than straight 1 1/2) and the latest version of the "Dual Merge" collector that won the 2004 runoffs. Note new position of "loops"!

Latest 2005 primary setup for Womer EV-3     Latest 2005 primary setup for Womer EV-3

TERMS: Shipped upon receipt of payment or COD. All prices plus shipping!

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