Hi JR,
Here is a picture of the installed headers.  Great Job, you are a magician to build this bundle of snakes from pictures!   Thanks again for the outstanding job on the building of the headers, but more than that the fantastic customer service.  






     I put your headers on my car for MARRS 2 at Summit Point Raceway this past weekend. The additional power generated by the headers allowed me to mix it up with the race leaders. We qualified on a wet track on Saturday and I only managed 7th out of 18. The race on sunday was on a dry track. I went from 7th to third in four laps easily passing on pure power on the straight. I could have and in retrospect should have passed the second place car (Bob Tupper), but elected to just stay in his draft instead of going after Erik Oseth who was in first. This allowed my son and two other cars to close in on me and in the ensuing battle Bob got away.   The finishing order was Erik in first, Bob in second, my son Doug Voss in third with Mike Fultz, Doug Hannum and me within a tenth of a second of my son. I lost count of the laps and did not see the one lap to go so I did not finish better than sixth but I had enough power to possibly have passed for third. It was great racing and thanks to your headers I could take part in it.
Dan Voss


JR,  I just got back from Daytona and am VERY pleased with the results of the new collector.  I recorded the highest top speed EVER on the banking behind an SRF - and, I also went a full second faster than I have in the last 10 years or so - on old tires.  You must be doing something RIGHT :-).
Steve,  FV80

JR, the new system with your top end collector works great on my D13! Thanks to your system I easily won the VARA event at Willow Springs this past weekend and turned 300 RPM more at the end of the front straight than I ever have with the car before. I can't say enough about the performance of the new high end collector.
Thanks again
Las Vegas, NV

The first track results are in for the performance of the Geezer Edition Zink headers and the results are exceptional. 

Team Geezer Zink #68 driven by Mike Callahan finished first in vintage points race at Texas World Speedway on Sunday.
Lap times for both Team Geezer cars were improved by 1.5 seconds or more over previous best times.  It was clear that the cars had more midrange torque.  Both cars were pulling an additional 400 rpm at the end of the longest straight. The closest competition was a competitor who had installed one of your systems on his vintage Caldwell D-13.  So much for getting a jump on the competition!

Needless to say we are pleased.  You do sell performance. 
Thanks for your efforts.
Mike Callahan

The new headers have been excellent. I've got two wins this season and a second after getting slowed for a wreck (I had led the first twelve laps) that would otherwise have been a win. At Kershaw (one win and a second) No one could catch me in the straights, despite discovering at the end of the weekend that I was dragging a brake! Last weekend at Atlanta, I led 4 of the first 6 laps, out braking another Vee at the end of the back straight. I also had fast lap in the race, a 1:51.1. I got run off the track and bent a wheel, however, and finished third on a flat left front. The engine's responding very well at the top end and I think the headers are the difference. Thanks!
Anthony Henderson

JR, just did a comparison test on our emissions chassis dyno between the the Roxanne's system and an older set I had. At least 1.5 hp more at top end.  Should have bought it sooner!
Cheapest HP I have ever seen.
Larry Bacon FV  78
San Francisco Region SCCA

JR: What performance! Raced this past weekend and never before had such power out of the corners and passing at the end of the straight. Won my race easily. Thanks Bill G.

Larry B here; the headers are great. We just ran Sears Point this past weekend and when we had a drying track and an opportunity to get going the power was there. Nice fit, no leaks!!!! definite mid range improvement. Very satisfied.

Hi JR :
The system arrived today in great shape. I put it on my Vee and it went together beautifully. It clears everything nicely and fits inside the engine cover perfectly. The workmanship, welds and design are outstanding! Thanks for a great job!
Lou Leblanc


JR: I received my new Roxanne's exhaust system last week and it is wonderful. I can't believe the power range. I out qualified everyone by 4 seconds this weekend and won my race handily.
Mitchell Fergusen (Vector Constructor)


I received the re-made pipes late Wed. and was able to fit them to the car. They are perfect!!! Great job, thanks for working through the set up with my car.  I will be sure to pass on the word to others about the great service and job on the pipes.
Jim Smalley


Posted on Formulavee forum :

We have made many engine and chassis dyno runs with literally dozens if not hundreds of header setups of multiple primary lengths and types of collectors. We can statistically reliably do back to back tests over and over again and see about .25 HP differences on either inertia or steady state brake tests. (And when you are playing with headers you had better be able to recognize 1/4 HP . ) Most all decent header designs are within 1 to 1.5 HP of other. At peak. However this in itself doesn't tell the full story. What is important is the HP under the operating curve. Some headers might make 1hp more at 6500 compared to another set that happens to make 1 HP more at 5400.

Clearly all of our tests have shown that a 4:2:1 can provide the best HP under the curve for FV use, when designed properly. (lengths, etc).

We have been using and testing Roxannes here for about 2 years (and we sell them). All our Vee's (3) have Roxannes on them and dyno tests have validated their performance to surpass any others.

Headers are not the single largest performance item of concern on a Vee, but all things being equal, you won't go wrong with them. I am not hiding the fact that I sell them, but I will offer free chassis dyno runs back to back so that you can see the difference after a purchase.
Jim, SR


Since installing my new Roxanne's stepped headers and Dual Merge Collector I have had my first ever top 10 finish. As a matter of fact I've had 3 top 10 finishes since installing your system and at the recent Texas double national I was in forth place until late in the race when I spun. Thanks to you and Bill Noble I'm finally competitive.
Bob Lyon
Cypress, Texas


It's truly a pleasure to deal with a vendor like Roxanne's Headers. You exceeded my expectations. Not only did you do what you said you'd do when you said you'd do it but my new stepped header system performs beyond my expectations. I ran it for the first time at last weekends Moroso national and had my fastest lap times ever with your exhaust being the only change that I made to my car.

Thank you for a fine product and you may be sure that I will recommend Roxanne's to fellow racers.
Carlos Alvarez
Coral Gables FL


Thanks for a quality performance exhaust. I ran it for the first time at the TWS Regional 1/8 & 1/9 and it definitely boosted my performance. My car had noticeably more power and I had my best finish yet.
Bob Lyon


I ran my new Roxanne’s stepped primary and Dual Merge collector exhaust this past weekend at the Sebring National. The system seems to work great. I felt like I had much better power at the low end and at the top end as well. Thanks for your hard work in adapting your design to my Womer exhaust configuration.
Ed Womer


I have been using Roxanne's Headers for several years now, but your recent innovations of tuneable primaries and the new collector were GREAT!!  My Butler engine was working great this year at the Runoffs, but the change in the collector added even more.  The pole position is hallowed ground at the Runoffs, and your collector helped to get us there :-).  Unfortunately, other things took us out of the event altogether - but not because of the exhaust system! I also appreciate your keeping me abreast of Roxannes research work and recent developments.  It's really nice to have the owner of the company personally stay in touch.  I've heard lots of talk about which exhaust system is the best in FV, but I'm pretty sure *I* have it now.
Steve Davis,  FV80


Hey, I got the headers and put them on this weekend. Well, you have done just what you are supposed to do in business. Your product delighted the customer by exceeding his expectations. The pipes are just great! They fit, just like they should. I had to move a brake Tee, but no big deal. There is plenty of clearance for the starter, and best of all, I can put the number two pipe on without it being 'two pieces'. I will happily recommend your pipes to my fellow racers. I have included a few shots of them on the car. I can send more if you want some.
Frank Newton, Lynx B driver

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