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Roxannes Headers are available for most makes of Formula Vees.

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Roxannes Headers designs and builds custom exhaust systems for race cars. Primarily founded in Formula Vee, Roxannes can develop and fabricate a system for almost any car. Stainless steel and regular mild steel manufacturing is available.

Roxannes STEPPED primaries

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All headers are not alike! Exhaust technology & theory are complex and complicated. Volumetric proportion, merge angles anti reversion gas flow principles, scavenging techniques and a host of other factors go into the design of any well engineered header system. We at Roxanne's are constantly seeking to improve your performance by improving our systems. We compare our systems to sound theory and to what others are doing throughout the racing community and wherever we can. When we think we can improve a component we build a prototype and test it on motor and chassis dynos comparing the new to previous testing.  If it works we then ask one of our top customers to track test. Then and only then do we put the change into production. Exhaust systems, like intake systems, can be affected by track conditions and environmental conditions and our tunable collector, and primary tuning kit allows the driver to tune his exhaust much like, for example, he would his carburetor by changing jets. Our headers feature CNC mandrel bent tubing with as few joints as possible, however, when a joint is required, we create a slip fitting and then weld it. This allows perfect alignment, ridgeless seam and no weld inside. We Sell Performance! If you don't go faster, we're not happy.

            We also can repair damaged (small dents) headers, even coated ones.

Call for Formula Vee System Prices:   (Most FV systems are IN STOCK!) 
Note: Regular prices for primaries apply to to Caracal, Citation, Mysterian, Protoform, Vector, Vortech.
Others may (or may not) require an additional charge. Please call to discuss.

Regular FV Systems ...

Most systems we build are Stainless but Mild Steel is available on request.
Please call or email for the latest quotes on all systems

System Configurations Collector Options
4 primaries 4-2-1 collector
4 primaries + 4-1 collector Dual Merge 4-2-1
4 primaries + 4-2-1 collector ROXINATOR!
Optional Stepped primaries 4-1 flat collector

Free trial:
Roxanne's is pleased to offer a 'try it you'll like it' program
for selected formula vee models. Please call for details

Systems also available for various Vintage cars not listed   

Other than FV systems

Systems are available on custom order for most any car. 

CALL for Quotes

Currently available systems include
reddot_small.gif (947 bytes)      Caldwell D13
                  (947 bytes)      Caracal
                  (947 bytes)      Citation
                  (947 bytes)      Crusader
                  (947 bytes)      Lazer
                  (947 bytes)      Lynx
                  (947 bytes)      Mysterian
reddot_small.gif (947 bytes)      ProtoForm
                  (947 bytes)      VDF
                  (947 bytes)      Vector
                  (947 bytes)      Vortech
                  (947 bytes)      Zink
                  (947 bytes)      Formula First

Other systems available by Quote.
(Some car models require premium due to complexity of primaries)
    Call or EMail for more information

Terms: All prices PLUS shipping.  Default shipping is UPS ground.
Full payment due prior to shipment.
Dealer Discount available - Call for information

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